Sometimes no matter how many times you lift someone up, 
They will always let you down. 
And sometimes the risk of loving is that you will have to pick yourself back up again 
And again and again and again
Without help
And all thoes times you've catched your friends 
Let them fall into your suicide net 
Is just a fraction moment of all their time spent on sorrow. 
Somedays love will lead you down the loneliest path. 
Because love has a habit of making people jump off moving trains 
And dive deep into murky waters. 
Always, Always! 
Make sure you are safe. 
Love will not always protect you from abuse, STD's or unexpected pregnancies. 
Love does not always pull the chord at the right time 
Love doesn't always know the difference between right and wrong
And sometimes no matter how much you try to mash thoes private pieces together 
It just won't feel right.
Love is a shield and a weapon
A drug and a medicine.
Your love is not a long term supplement for other people's deficiencies. 
So don't forget to
Because you will be alone. 
Very alone. 
Never resist time spent with yourself
But remember silence can kill. 
So keep talking.
Because sometimes you're the only one around to pick yourself back up.
And thoes buckets of problems aren't easy to stack
And don't lean well against a wall 
It will never be easy being you
Love teaches failure. 
It will pull you apart until you have nothing left 
But love will always make you stronger
Laughter is a miracle cure.
But so is crying. 
I read once that in old age bad experiences are the first things we forget 
So laugh as much as possible
Cry because it feels good 
Learn from your mother
Breathe your way out of the pain it takes to create you
Rumi once wrote "Gamble everything for love. 
If you are a true human."
But Rumi was never a woman.

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