I imagined for a few seconds, while I was waiting for my train, a conversation between me and a philosopher from the old ways of Greece or Rome. I imagined myself asking “what does it mean to be rich?” He responded eloquently in his white gown, “richness is not a matter of wealth rather a matter of pleasure.” I asked “well, can not pleasure be determined with what one can afford?” He responded smiling “yes… and no. Pleasure comes in all forms. A wealthy man can be without pleasure, and a poor woman can have as much pleasure as she pleases.” I imagined him pausing as he picked up a gold metal chalice to take a few big gulps of red wine. “Explore what is around you.” he said as he cleared his throat and puckered his lips. “You will find you do not need to buy a plane to fly or live in a palace to be happy. The world will present herself to you in time so long as you are both ready. Wealth is not richness, richness is best left as a way to describe food. Feed yourself. Trust that the gods will provide. That is if you know how to ask.”


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