Quite possibly the most beautiful vision I've ever had, came to me recently while I was still awake. Nature's brush strokes across every house and home. I saw the future in the most awe-inspiring way. There were no rulers, no bigots, no enemies. The only laws we had to measure were the laws of nature and the science of. It was our master. We were its consensual slave. We obeyed by its beautiful law. Everything was harmony. Everything was balance. And on a wall was a flag without color only words saying.

I am earth,


The ground you walk on
 I am the river that keeps you clean.
 I am the soil in which your bones will turn to dust
 Within me, lay the corpses of your ancestors
 I am your past, your present, but most of all your future
 I am the trees that shade you from blistered skins
 I am the plant that soothes your burns

I am mother
 I feed all
 I am all

I am the blood that runs through your veins
 The heart muscle the air in your lungs
 The wires in your brain
 We are the same.
 Treat me as you treat yourself
 Kill me and you kill yourself.
 I am destined to have you
 Hold you in my body

I am mother
 I feed all
 I am all

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