I want to ask you to kiss me. 
Ask you to wet the surface of my lips 
Come closer to my body 
Guide my hand though strands of hair 
Unkept jungles, peaks and arches

I want to map out the constellation of your mind
So that when I sail throught your sorrows 
I will always know how to find you
If I could build us a home
I would Trace blueprints form your bones. 
Sketches of your soul.
Become practiced and skilled with you
Know every versant hill
every arch, vally and peak

I barely sleep with you in mind 
Blood boiling beneath my chest 
Like multen lava slithering it's way down the front of my body
Keeping my extremities warm and conflicted
Like a Crucible in my heart
Flames strong enought to suite me into battle
protect myself from the pain of not being with you

Convinced rest will only come when I see you again
How dizzy-drunk with desire I have become
Poisoned and burned by lust and unwelcome adoration 
Breathless in its devotion for you

Seeking to be there as you walk by 
An umbra to gaze into
Unmistakably perfumed as you

A shadow to your shadow 
Palm to my palm
Finger painting peaks and arches, 
Twisted angles and curves
Rising to feel the grip of my body reach around yours
Squeezing inward.
As if you were always falling away.
I would never let you go. 
Kissing the soft arch of my back
Purlicues full with the weighted nature of both of my breasts

If I could just ask you to kiss me.

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