The easiest way to tell who you are
Is by looking at the friends you keep.
The company you seek.
Because you are just one piece
Of that whole god damn beast.
When your friends cry
You cry with them.
And when your friends run
You give them your number
And say call me
And I'll find you
And when your friends are stuck
You say fall on me
I'll unbind you
All my friends are fighters.
The strongest warriors I have ever known
Breaking bones with dreams alone
Wise teachers with scars when they strip
They show me not to absolve the wounds I might inflict.
Carrying needle and thread at each of their hips
Because their heart beat is too big for just one stitch
I am so proud to be amongst this spirit
To share this heart with you all
I'm so glad we fight together
Making it real to stand at all.

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