I love you
I have been far too wounded by the arrow of Eros' lust for me to see past the ephemeral parallel of all things to come.
But we hold tight you and I. 
Waterfall to my being
I become the cup in which you fill.
An ever lusting spirit in your tightly woven jungles. 
I will forever be your friend, 
Your lover, 
Your pupil, 
Your partner 
As we dance without light.
Lost without sight, 
Guiding each footstep through what feels like pitted grounds, 
Facing each other's savage beasts, 
But in the end finding ways to say I love you, 
Your pain is beautiful, 
Your suffering is honest 
I see you, 
I am grateful
Pink bodies sweating through heavy fog
You help me find my ecstasy 
I help you find your comfort
We found each other 
Picking the shards of our own reflection

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