Listen as she whispers, silent, sullen tears finding their place on the river as they drip.
Shattering the surface of this perfect mirror floor.
You left me no choice.
I had to walk away.
Our hearts were filled with too many holes
And I didn't have enough strength to sail the flood.
Our Nile.
Sulky and ruined.
We lost the ability to speak.
Using words like sailors,
Trying to find the right ropes to the right post.
To tug and trace each other's heart-strings.
Testing the winds as we writhe
Our wet little fingers pointed stiffly in the clouds.
The oceans were too wide.
The floods so unforgiving.
I was lost on that river side.
Sunken in my battleship.
Shooting cannons 
Pointed directly at our own hearts
We could never surrender our hopes and dreams
So we kept our horns locked
Forever you and I
Fire blazing on the surface of our skins.
Our palms covered in blisters
Ready to pop and drip. 
To cool the rage of our mangled bodies
You were the strongest person I knew.
Able to breathe fire and cry about the pain
I loved you for that.
Your honesty
We might not have been two doves of a feather
But you and I flock just the same.

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