Once more am I alone
 Intoxicated warmth glowing in my belly
 Put me to sleep oh Poseidon
 Take your waters back from these eyes
 Oh Dionysus help me one more time
 Let Hermes, rock me to a lullaby
 Make me a fool awaiting the strings of Eros' bow
 Stiffen your fingers 
 Feel the length of my hair
 Kiss the blisters from these lips
 I am chained to a forever ever lasting
 Torment me with a blind animal's lust
 Callused from fear without wisdom 
 Dionysus help me learn to enjoy
 I have suffered without your love 
 You have kept me sane
 You have made me whole
 Oh Poseidon
 Help me sink these roots 
 Show me the rapids of life
 Wash away these tender bruises 
 Heal this tormented heart
 I am nothing without the gentle spray of the ocean waves

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